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The cheapest bulk SMS service provider company in Nairobi, Kenya. Use our bulk SMS gateways and free API to send bulk SMS Online anywhere in Kenya for as low as Ksh 0.65 or 65 cents per SMS for bulk sms clients and bulk sms resellers! The cost of sending bulk sms in kenya has come down using our bulk sms solutions and free bulk sms software.We are one of the bulk sms companies in Kenya offering online web based free bulk sms software for sending while on transit.

Whether looking for free SMS API to connect to any software we will help you - call 0742 06 33 55 or email sms@movetech.co.ke

We are moving to our new bulk SMS portal - MoveSMS . CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE MOVETECH BULK SMS

Bulk SMS services in Kenya has become an irresistible tool for communication purposes; it gives you the opportunity to spend less on every text message and also enables you to customize your sender identification (Sender ID) and that is why we at Movetech we are one of the best company offering you bulk SMS services in Kenya at the cheapest price.

You can send the sms using your company name by just requesting for Sender ID - we have the best bulk sms with free sms API in Kenya.

"Kindly note for politicians sending bulk sms in Kenya on our gateway you must use your registered SENDER ID or you need to register it first and also register your message 48hrs before you send - All political bulk sms messages are monitored by Communication Authority of Kenya. To inquire more on Political bulk sms restrictions call office on 0742 06 33 55 or 0733 174743 or 0721 722 333"

We did everything possible to get the most reliable and fastest bulk SMS gateway to satisfy our numerous bulk SMS users. We want you to know that we sell the cheapest bulk SMS services in Kenya without compromising the quality of our bulk SMS service, most especially the delivery speed. We don't just offer cheap bulk SMS in Kenya but we offer quality bulk sms as well.

bulk sms kenya

heap Bulk SMS service provider company in Kenya

Our cheapest bulk SMS services in Kenya will surely give you maximum satisfaction and you will not hesitate to be part of our bulk SMS provider family after your first experience. We want you to know that anytime you send bulk SMS with us, there is no delay in delivery or any other issues related to SMS delivery. Our cheap bulk SMS gateway is very perfect to the extent that we can give you 99.9% assurance on our bulk SMS Kenya delivery rate and speed.

To send bulk sms you can login here SEND BULK SMS IN KENYA - (For political bulk sms call first before you send any message)

To check the cost of bulk sms in kenya go to our new bulk SMS portal here. Also your can download free bulk sms software kenya from our new bulk sms portal. Welaso have wordpress plugin for bulk SMS. A bulk SMS plugin which can send bulk SMS straight from your wordpress website.

SMS Gateway in Kenya

We are one of the leading and cheapest Bulk SMS Gateway Provider company in Kenya. Offering the best white label Bulk SMS Reseller Program with free API across Kenya. You can Send SMS from our 2 way shortcodes, desktop software, BULKSMS Web portal, bulk SMS Gateway, Excel bulk SMS, Toll-Free SMS modules. We also provide Short Code SMS and Long Code SMS services to all our clients with Two Way SMS options. Purchase Web SMS and get a Free bulk SMS Software and Toll Free SMS Widget for lifetime. Sending SMS from your PC or Computer will be simple and easy with our bulk SMS Kenya Gateway Center. Create unlimited Groups and Send Group bulk SMS with more customization options. If you are looking for High Priority Bulk SMS then you can rely on our SMS Gateway in Kenya with hassle-free functions. Reach your citizens through our Bulk SMS Kenya for campaigns, bulk sms Kenya for politicians, bulk sms for saccos, bulk sms for banks, bulk sms for colleges, bulk sms Kenya for schools, bulk sms in Kenya for Banks, bulk sms to customers through Mobile SMS on Internet at a faster speed and We also offer Marketing bulk SMS for your SMS Advertisements or SMS Campaign. Get your cheapest bulk SMS in Kenya Gateway now!


We have 2 type of free sms API - you can get the free SMS API from the bulk SMS Kenya portal for those using the bulk sms in small rates but for corporate bulk sms Kenya users we have another sms API which you can use to integrate any system with. You can integrate it with school, management systems, hospital systems, websites, pos systems. Our bulk sms delivery is 100%.

You can use our free bulk sms API to send sms from your website, from your sacco system to clients when transaction occurs, send school marks to parents and students, send to employees from their office system.

Our new bulk SMS API by Movetech Bulk SMS, you can get free consultation on how to integrate your system through our Bulk SMS API which is free.



Per SMS unit is 65 cents or Kes 0.65 - we are the cheapest bulk sms company in Kenya, we will provide a portal for small users and free bulk sms software for bulk sms users  this also come with free bulk sms API. The cost of bulk sms in kenya is really coming down with our free bulk sms software kenya.


We can integrate any software or website with our bulk SMS and shortcode. You can create account for free at our bulk SMS portal www.sms.movetech.co.ke then navigate to API menu, you will get your own free bulk sms API url which can be used to integrate with any software. We have reduced the amount of time time to integrate the free API thats why we provide the API as URL which developers will only be calling from thier softwares. Kindly go to our new Movetech Bulk SMS portal here

Branded bulk sms system in Nairobi Kenya

We are providers of Branded bulk sms system in Nairobi Kenya. We are the cheapest providers of branded SMS in Kenya. Want the bulk SMS sent with your company name, we provide that at the cheapest rate. Personalise your messages. Personalising your messages allows you to send bulk SMS text messages with unique information for each contact in your database. Send personalized bulk sms in kenya at cheapest rates.


The shortcode are used for 2 way sms communication. Eg. Send name 'Movetech' to 45995. When you acquire just a key word in a shortcode that is shared shortcode. If you acquire the whole shortcode that is dedicated shortcode.

The shortcode prices in Kenya

Dedicated shortcode  - set up price is zero and monthly maintenance price is Ksh 17,000 and free setup for shortcode providers in Kenya

Shared shortcode price- Ksh 3700 set up fee and Ksh 5,000 monthly maintenance fee per month

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Call us today to on direct line 0742 06 33 55

Call us now on +254 733 174 743, +254 721 722 333 or Contact Us for more information.
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